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Celebrities Get Sparkle Swagged Up!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

I went to Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas on Monday. Cody Simpson, His sister Alli Simpson, & Jessica Jarrell were coming for a Acoustic performance and Meet & Greet. I knew I had to go and give them some "Sparkle Swagg"! I went with my friends at 2:00pm because I thought there was going to be a bunch of fans waiting for them. Surprisingly there wasn't, so I left with my friends to shop and we checked back a little and no one was there. Then we come back at around 4:45pm and there were SO many fans waiting for Cody and everyone else. We weren't sure where the line started so we went to the back of one side. We then found out that we weren't in a line, we were all just in spots to see Jessica Jarrell perform. After about 20 minutes my friend and I were trying to think where to stand to be closest to the Meet and Greet line. I said lets stay here cause I have a feeling this is a good spot. About 10 minutes later my friend and I got wristbands from "Pastry". We were so happy to have gotten wristbands. Then at 6:30pm they started letting people with wristbands into the Meet & Greet line and closer to the stage for Jessica's performance. My friend and I was lucky enough to get into the line because everyone that had a wristband didn't get into the Meet & Greet. We watched Jessica Jarrell perform, She was AMAZING! Her voice was so strong and clear. She sang about four songs, then Alli Simpson & some other models did a little fashion show. Finally it was Meet & Greet time! My friend and I waited for about 30 minutes in line to meet them. Then it was our turn to go up. My friend met both of them first, then I walked up and met Cody first. I told him I had something for him and he smiled and looked at the bracelets, then said, "Thank you so much!" After Cody it was Jessica (They were standing right by each other) She signed the poster they were both giving out, and I said, "I got something for you". She looked up and said, "Omg, thank you soo much!" She then grabbed the bracelets and gave me a hug. As she was looking at the bracelets Cody said to her. "Aren't they awesome?" She said yes they are and Cody turned to me and said, "It was so nice meeting you!" I said, "Thank you." Then as I was leaving Cody put one of the two bracelets on that I gave him. There are pictures on the site. Cody's set was The Black skull bracelet & a metallic glass one. Jessica's was a black feather, Pink peace sign, and silver bracelet. All of these are on the site :)

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I went to the Selena Gomez concert on Saturday. I talked with Ashlee Nino on Twitter to meet her at the concert that night. I ended up meeting Ashlee Nino right before the Show started around 7:00pm. She was soo sweet! I gave her her bracelets and she loved them. She even said she was going to try to wear one on stage that night which she did! I got pictures with her and she signed my lanyard. Ashlee is the best! If you're not following her already then here is her Twitter: @AshleeNino. After My friend and I met Ashlee, we knew where The Allstar Weekend M&G was so we were going to go check it out after they played on stage to see if we could get in. After their set we went to the area, and my friend talked me in to going with her to sneak in. We were in line and up next to meet them, then the awesome guy Brent saw us and gave us wristbands in case if they were checking which they didn't. We thanked him and were so thrilled. We were up next and my friend met them first which Allstar knows her, so that was awesome. Then it was my turn. I walked up and said, "Hey I got these bracelets for you!" They all were smiling and said, "Awesome thanks so much!" Then I got hugs from all of them and Zach said he loved my shirt and Mikey said he loved my hair and asked me how I did it. Then Cameron asked what was on the bracelets and I said, "They all have skulls on them." then he said, "That's awesome we needed some of those, let me wear one for the picture." He was going to put them on but the lady taking the pictures were rushing, so we took the picture and I said Thank you to them and they said the same. I left after that. I found out that Cameron put his on after my other friend that was behind me took her picture with them. They were all so sweet. Follow them on Twitter if you aren't already: @AllstarWeekend, @ZachAllstar, @CameronAllstar, @MichaelAllstar. I gave all of them a Black Skull bracelet which is on the site!